My name is Kevin O'brien Domah. I'm 24 years old and I am from Mauritius.

I did my tertiary studies in Australia at the Holmesglen Institute of TAFE, Swinburne University and the awards received are:

  • Bachelor of Multimedia
  • Advanced Diploma of Multimedia design
  • Certificate 2 in Desktop Publishing
  • During my studies, I was exposed to all aspects of the multimedia industry. I worked on projects, which were to design interactive CDROM, web design and film editing and used softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Director, Adobe Premiere, web editing (html, css,javascript, php).

    The skills which I have developed and my willingness to succeed, coupled with a high standard of personal presentation, will be an asset to your organisation. I am a team player and always strive for perfection and improvement.

    While I was studying and working in a country as cosmopolitan as Australia, this has allowed me to interact with people of various cultures background, thus providing experiences that have enabled me to become a valuable member of many efficient operating teams.

    Below are links to access some of my work, that I did while studying. The first link will take you to a simple html web page describing Mauritius, the island where I come from. It was coded using HTML and CSS.

    The second one is a link to a more dynamic web page built with javascript, php and a MySQL database about a music web site. The aim was to make the web site more interactive to the user by searching, registering and entering information.

    By clicking on the third link, one will be able to view some of my 2D designs.