Hi everyone,

My name is Kevin O'Brien Domah, student ID :5395232. I was born on January 25th of 1983, which makes me 23 years old now, on a beautiful island called Mauritius.

Finishing my secondary level studies, I worked for a tourism company, White Sand Tours, where I started having a feeling and envy of travelling, discovering new horizon as well as new experiences. So, I decided to fly to Australia, land of opportunities.

To cope with the modern world and technologies, I enrolled myself in an Advanced Diploma of Multimedia, which I studied at Holmesglen TAFE.

With the tremendous rat race on the job market nowadays, academic requirements are of high level. This was not over for me. I applied at Swinburne University for further studies in the same field and now here I am completing my Bachelor of Multimedia and creating my own personal web page...

© Domah O'brien Kevin

April 2006

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