mc production The mc production logo is a corporate image to represent myself. "mc" can stand for, "Music Cool", for one of the interactive website that I designed or can simply means "My Company".
mc production Space Monkey Media is a business card for a design company.
mc production The design on the left was a project where the theme was to create a calendar involving famous faces, for example, your favourite artists. Here, it's Lisa Shaw from the naked music artist. More information about her can be found by clicking on the link dymanic web page,under artists.
mc production City defender is an interface designed for an interactive game.
mc production Prodive is a scuba diving center found in Mauritius. The example of the interface on the left was designed for an educational interactive CDROM.
mc production This a design of a shoe bag for Izabel shoes. For the ladies as well as men, who are interested in designer shoes, here is the website to go,
mc production Logo designed for benny seafood restaurant.
mc production CD cover of a house music artist, Jay-j.
mc production This is a DVD cover designed for my multimedia folio.