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Welcome to Chocolate 4 U ! !

Here at chocolate 4 U we have created a website dedicated to the consumer chocolate bar. As we work crazy hours at Sunburn University, the chocolate bar has become a key part of our staple diet, replacing the five serves of vegebable traditionally found in our evening meal. As dietitians tell us that variety in our diets is critical, we try as many types of chocolate bar as we can find. This website includes information on a wide range of chocolate bars and we are always keen to hear from the public if you cannot find your favourite in our extensive listings.

If you share our passion for chocolate bars, you are able to apply to join our exclusive chocolate lovers club and gain access to extra special MEMBERS ONLY content. One of our members will be chosen each month to receive a gift boxed range of chocolate bars from around the world. The choice of the lucky member will be made by our number one member, David. As amazing as it might seem, David has managed to be the lucky winner of our monthly prize in each and every month since we established the website.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Chocolate 4 U website!

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