The University Of Labradoria

The University's Philosophy

The University of Labradoria is the world's first university run for the exclusive benefit of dogs. Humans are employed to provide technical and administrative services but all the big decisions are made by dogs for dogs. The university motto Mundus Caninus Est is Latin for It's a Dog's World and reflects the university Council's confidence that dogs are at last beginning to take their rightful place in society. The Chancellor is Ben, the well-known sporting and business-dog who runs Ben's Black Labrador Shop. Under Ben's leadership, the University of Labradoria has expanded its academic program to include bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and doctoral degrees. Ben has used his finely-honed business skills to ensure that fees in all courses have been kept low without any sacrifice of academic standards.

Although the University of Labradoria was initially established to promote the career prospects of pure-bred Labradors, the university's admissions policy is non-discriminatory. Other breeds and mixed-breed dogs (we do not tolerate terms like bitzers, mongrels, Heinz dogs) are made very welcome at the unversity's cyber campus and there is no distinction between degrees awarded to Labradors and to other dogs.

While a ULab degree is proof that a dog has survival skills that will serve them well in the modern world (like dish-licking, bone fragmenation and tail-wagging), we also take great pride in providing courses that develop the whole dog. For example, the capacity to enjoy such rich lifestyle experiences as power farting and rolling on any dead animals that turn up when you are out walking the provider.

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